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Whole house fan installation can be a great benefit to your home, it can cool your home faster, more effectively, and much more cheaply than air conditioning, and is a great choice when you are wanting some type of fan installation in your home. However, it is not a simple job, you need to ensure that you are hiring the right company to carry out the installation for you. Get the best service for installing whole house fans with our professional, reliable, and highly skilled company. We use our combination of years of experience and a fantastic staff to guarantee a great job is done every time. There is no need for you to worry or stress about something going wrong when you are dealing with a reliable and professional company. Leaving customers happy is our top priority, so you can be sure that we will never let you down.

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Whole house fans create a natural cooling environment in your home and there is a multitude of benefits to having a whole house fan installed, including the cost efficiency, how fast they work, and how little of an impact they have on the environment. The constant circulation using very little energy means that you can have it on for long periods of time, ensure that your home is cooled, smells don’t build-up, and it doesn’t cost much to run. We use our experience and knowledge to make sure the installation is to a high standard giving you years and years of use from your new fan.

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Attic fans are also another option for anyone looking to find a way to help cool down their home, they are a little similar to whole-house fans, but of course, as the name suggests, they work to cool down the attic only. The concept is the same with the fan pulling in air from outside cooling it down, and expelling the hot air out of the attic vents, therefore, with a cool attic this, in turn, cools your home down. The cooling takes longer with this type of fan but it is still a cost-effective and low-impact way to cool your living space.

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Garages heat up very quickly, especially if you live in an already hot environment. Trying to work in a hot garage is extremely difficult, the heat will also enhance any smells such as gas, paints, or other chemicals you keep in the garage, and with the garage being attached to your house, that heat can also heat up the living space next to the garage. Having a garage fan is a cost-effective way of eliminating the smells, control the temperature and creating an ambient cool air space, and in turn, keep the living space next to your garage cool also.

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How Our Whole House Fan Installation In Murrieta CA Works

If you are looking at various types of fans or conditioners for your home, you might be wondering how our Whole House Fan Installation In Murrieta CA works. To give you a better understanding, let us explain how it works. With this, a large fan is fitted in the attic normally between your living space and the ceiling, then when the temperature outside is cooler such as in the evening, you open the windows in your home and turn the fan on. The fan then creates a negative pressure and pulls the cool air all throughout your home and up into the attic while simultaneously expelling hot air through any vents you have. This type of system means that your whole house is cooled down to create a natural air environment inside your home quickly. Any rooms that have a door or window open will benefit most of all the rooms in the house.

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To get the most out of a company, you need to make sure you hire a company that is efficient but that doesn't cut corners or compromise the quality in order to get the job done quickly. Get the fastest Whole House Fan Installation In Murrieta CA where we get the job done effectively and quickly without jeopardizing the quality or value of the system we are installing. Our years of experience have enabled us to be experts in the field of fan installation and we are confident in knowing that we will always get the job done right. For a quick, safe, and uncompromising installation of a whole house fan or other systems in your home, get in touch with us and see for yourself why we have built up such a great reputation with our customers.

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Whole House Fan Installation In Murrieta CA

We had the quiet cool whole house fan installation in our attic. We have a two story house with high vaulted ceilings. The fan is awesome and we've used it every night since. No more sweating the heat as we struggle to cool the upstairs down. It's like running the A/C but with out the $$$ bill. I'm 81/2 months pregnant and this fan is my new best friend. Affordable, quick install. I wish we'd done this years ago.

Andrew E.

Whole House Fan Installation In Murrieta CA

We had DEC install 4 Quiet Cool whole house fan. They provided us with excellent customer service in determining the best system for our house. They explained the options over the phone. The next morning, they showed up on time and located just the right spots for fan installation. They quickly installed the fans and cleaned up very well. The quality of installation of units and controller was perfect.

Kris Q.

Whole House Fan Installation In Murrieta CA

Got a Quiet Cool Stealth Pro 7.0x whole house fan installed after getting quotes from four companies. The salesman, Rick, was extremely knowledgeable and forthright. They were prompt, courteous, and efficient. They cleaned up the job area better than any other installers I've ever had work in my house. I am very happy with the entire experience and cannot wait for the warmer weather to put this thing to use.

Ken C.

Why choose our Whole House Fan Installation In Murrieta CA

When it comes to people carrying out work on your home, you want to be sure that it is a company you can trust, a company that is reliable, and a company that will not leave you with more problems than you started. At DEC Whole House Fan Installation In Murrieta CA, we know it is paramount to leave every customer satisfied, without our customers we wouldn't be able to do what we do. We ensure that our dedicated and highly skilled staff do a perfect job every time. Our professionalism and reliability speak for itself, and we are proud of what our customers have to say about us. Installing whole house fans isn't easy, but we can provide you with the best service in the area, improving your home and taking away any stress.

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