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Smart Attic Gable Fan

Smart attic gable fans are designed to cool the attic by oscillating warm air that settles in the attic and in turn, aids in keeping cooler temperatures within the home during warmer seasons. Due to the constant movement of air exchange, the fans also help prolong the longevity of your roof by limiting humidity, moisture, mold and excessive heat. Backed up by an energy-efficient motor, this fan produces multiple benefits at a low cost. These fans are operator friendly allowing you to control the on/off switch, preset times and temperatures controlled by Bluetooth for your convenience.

QuietCool Attic Fan Installer in Temecula
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Smart attic gable fans are designed to help cool the attic by moving air throughout your attic and then expelling it out through your existing ventilation.The Smart attic fan has a build in brushless motor which requires less wattage to be used while running. This creates a more energy efficient way of living all at a low cost. Turning the fan on and off, set preset times and temperature, are all Bluetoothed controlled by using our Smart Control app, making it user friendly and convenient. These fans are a great addition to your Whole house fan or by itself. Gable mounted attic fans, must have an existing gable vent for installation.

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Smart Attic Gable Fan Features

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High-Performance Acoustical Ducting:
Noise dampening technology with insulated ducting that is used to separate the Steel Housing from the living space.

Vent Covers:
Covers that prevents any air leakage from the gable vent.

Hand Guard:
Guard that protects from potential injury or fan obstruction.

QuietCool Smart Control Hub:
App control that allows you to adjust your speeds, create presets, view your attic temperature, and utilize smart mode from anywhere in your home.

Power Cable:
20-foot plug and play power cord.

Anti-Vibration Pads:

Reduce vibration and noise at points of contact.

Heavy Duty Steel Housing:
Powder-coated steel housing that protects the fan from wear and tear.

Built-in Mounting Tabs:
Tabs that make installation quick, easy, and flexible.

Energy-Efficient PSC Motor:
Permanent Split Capacitor Motor that uses sealed ball bearings to increase durability and longevity.

Computer Balanced Fan Blades:
High-performance fan blades that cut through the air in the most efficient and effective way possible.

Smart Attic Gable Fan Features
QuietCool Smart Attic Gable Fan AFG SMT PRO 3.0

Attic Fan - AFG SMT PRO-3.0

*Patent Pending

QuietCool Smart Attic Gable Fan AFG SMT ES 3.0

Attic Fan - AFG SMT PRO-3.0

*Patent Pending

Benefits to enjoy with our Attic Fans

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Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency

In the continuous efforts of creating new innovative ways of energy efficiency, our high efficiency motors have achieved not only a decrease in energy usage and savings but also contributes to the benefit of the environment.

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Safer Air

Safer Air

The air quality within your home is important. Ensuring increased ventilation by using outdoor air, can help decrease indoor airborne pathogens and other elements such as cat/dog dander and dust that might settle within the home.

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Energy Savings

Energy Savings

On average, our products use up to 90% less power then A/C, slashing A/C related costs down and consuming little power to run compared to your A/C.

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Constant Comfort

Constant Comfort

Whether you want to use the whole fans to pre-cool your home in addition to A/C or use it solely, these fans provide comfortable temperatures in the comfort of your own home by just the flick of a switch.

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Our Smart Control App is bluetooth controlled allowing you to control your attic fan from anywhere within your home. This App features current attic temperatures/humidity in your attic so that you know exactly when to have your fan running. The app also has a two orthree-speed auto-adjustment based on temperature so your fan is never working harder than it has to.

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