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Whole House Fan Installer Temecula CA

How Our Whole House Fans Work

A QuietCool Whole House Fan is an unparalleled cooling system that can be a great alternative to using your air conditioning. The option of using a Whole House Fan allows for AC usage to be minimalized, creating a more cost effective and energy efficient way of life. These fans not only help cut down on cost and keep your house cool and comfortable but also contribute to healthier indoor air quality. Whole House Fans work by drawing cooler outdoor air into your home through a few open windows, circulating throughout your living space. The cool air that is pulled inside, creates a cool air path zone and is then expelled within your attic’s existing ventilation, flushing out stale warm air that has settled within the attic and your home.


Nothing quite compares to QuietCool Whole House Fans. Unlike
traditional whole house fans, you will hardly notice these whisper-quiet and energy-efficient fans when running. QuietCool systems allow you to turn off your most expensive appliance and improve the air quality and comfort of your home in just minutes!

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The process of cooling your attic allows your home to stay cooler longer because it is no longer working against your attic which can get up to 160 ºF. Attic Fans not only work to keep you cooler but help extend the longevity and integrity of your home. Attic fans can also save you up to 30% on your A/C cooling costs by just cooling your attic space.

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Your garage is the essential place for protecting your vehicles, storing material and products, and providing a workspace for many other small home projects. However, build-up from car fumes and excessive heat in the summer, can create a recipe for hazard. Garage fans work great to help eliminate residual fumes and lingering heat, keeping your garage safer and your belongings in better condition.

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We offer a selection of accessories to enhance the performance of your fan. QuietCool fans run on timers that will turn off your fan after the allotted time is up. If fans cannot be installed in the ceiling, adaptors are available to mount your fan if your home has cathedral ceilings/vaulted. Or, if you are looking to keep your doors closed while the fans are on, while maintaining your privacy, Zaps are a great accessory to have installed above your bedroom door.

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Stealth Pro Series Whole House Fan Installer

Stealth PRO Series

The New Stealth PRO Series whole house fans is an installer-exclusive product. Manufactured with the Energy Saving ECM Motor, they provide substantial energy cost savings. The Stealth series fans are powerful, providing coverage of 1,488-6,035 cubic feet per minute, 750-3,000 square feet and can be installed in various areas of the home. Check out the different Stealth Pro models below to find the best one for you!

Trident PRO Series

The Trident Pro Series whole house fans are an installer-exclusive product. Meaning these fans cannot be purchased directly and are only available through a manufacture’s authorized installer. Their unique variable speed setting, allows homeowners to reduce or increase the fan speed.

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QuietCool Whole House Fan Installer Temecula 4

Smart Attic Gable Fan

Smart attic gable fans are designed to cool the attic by oscillating warm air that settles in the attic and in turn, aids in keeping cooler temperatures within the home during warmer seasons. Due to the constant movement of air exchange, the fans also help prolong the longevity of your roof by limiting humidity, moisture, mold and excessive heat. Backed up by an energy-efficient motor, this fan produces multiple benefits at a low cost. These fans are operator friendly allowing you to control the on/off switch, preset times and temperatures controlled by Bluetooth for your convenience.


Solar Gable Fans work by utilizing sunlight to power the fan on a 30 or 40 Watt solar panel. During the summers, your attic can reach temperatures of up to 150 degrees which can affect the quality of your roof due to the humidity, moisture and excessive heat build-up. Because these fans run on solar, this allows for A/C cost to be cut by 30%.

QuietCool Whole House Fan Installer Temecula 5
QuietCool Whole House Fan Installer

Garage Exhaust Fan

Garages are known for drastic temperature change going from freezing cold temperatures in the winter to extremely hot in the summer. During the summer, the heat exchange from your attic to garage can cause for heat temperatures to rise quickly throughout the day. The GA ES_1500 garage fan helps reduce the transfer of heat by pushing out hot air to the outside on a continuous cycle and decreasing heat in the garage that you normally would have without one. With a decrease in heat production, the garage fan will also help keep the integrity of your belongings that are stored in the garage.

QuietCool Whole House Fan Platinum Dealer in Temecula CA

Platinum Quietcool Installer in Southern California

Benefits to enjoy with our whole house fan Installation

QuietCool Whole House Fan Installer Temecula 8

Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency

In the continuous efforts of creating new innovative ways of energy efficiency, our high efficiency motors have achieved not only a decrease in energy usage and savings but also contributes to the benefit of the environment.

QuietCool Whole House Fan Installer Temecula 3

Safer Air

Safer Air

The air quality within your home is important. Ensuring increased ventilation by using outdoor air, can help decrease indoor airborne pathogens and other elements such as cat/dog dander and dust that might settle within the home.

QuietCool Whole House Fan Installer Temecula 9

Energy Savings

Energy Savings

On average, our products use up to 90% less power then A/C, slashing A/C related costs down and consuming little power to run compared to your A/C.

QuietCool Whole House Fan Installer Temecula 7

Constant Comfort

Constant Comfort

Whether you want to use the whole fans to pre-cool your home in addition to A/C or use it solely, these fans provide comfortable temperatures in the comfort of your own home by just the flick of a switch.

What Your Neighbors Have Been Saying About Us

Whole House Fan Installation Temecula

Great company. They installed a whole house fan setup with (3) Quiet Cool fans on a triple-switch, (2) attic fans, a garage fan and some Coach lights for me. They did a good job and it is all still working great years later. The triple-switches messed up more than a year after it was installed and they came back out and replaced it no questions asked. Great customer service.

Steve M.

Whole House Fan Installation San Diego

Direct Electric did an amazing job installing my whole house fans and running electrical to it. They were very professional and I have recommended them to many family members. I'm thinking about having extra electrical outlets installed in my garage so you can bet I will be calling Direct Electric again. Thanks again gentlemen job well done.

Erik R.

QuietCool Fan Installation Temecula

We had a whole house fan installed. In doing much research on this product and the "DEC" Company they (both the product & Co.) were by far the best- too include the pricing. Both professional during the onset of sales via' the phone and during installation- they were respectful, courteous and clean. I would definitely recommend doing business with this Company.

Adam F.

#1 Whole House Fan Installation in Temecula & San Diego


Direct electric company is a full-service electrical contractor located in the Temecula/ Murrieta area. We cover a large territory throughout Southern California with our services branching out from San Diego, Orange, Los Angeles, San Bernardino to Riverside county.

DEC is proud to be a part of such a revolutionary and groundbreaking energy saving product. We are also proud to be a preferred dealer and installer through the manufacturer since 2003 within the Southern California area. With A+ ratings with the Better Business Bureau, over 400+ reviews on Yelp, Angie’s List, Google and many other sites, we have the most competitive prices, time efficient and cleanest installs around.

Our prices include tax, installation and remote controls along with your fan. We offer a quick and easy process of sizing the best fan size for your home and pricing all just over the phone. Our experienced technicians arrive with materials and fans ready to go! No need for the hassle of onsite assessments prior to install, eliminating wasted time, maintaining social distancing and a one-stop shop for your convenience.

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