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How Does Thermal Mass Cooling work?

Your home is a utility for many things but it is also a utility to absorb and store heat due to some of the high density materials that make up your home such as concrete, tiles and brick. This is known as thermal mass. To help decrease the heat stored within the home, running your fan during cooler temperatures can help create a cooler thermal mass in the home, keeping it cooler and allowing absorbed heat (within the home) to be released due to cooler mass.

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What are the effects of Thermal mass c0oling?

During a heatwave, throughout the day the home collects and stores more and more heat as the day goes on, making the home still feel hot in the evenings. You might find yourself wanting to run the A/C so that you can have a comfortable night sleep but you can’t help thinking about what it might cost if the weather continues to be extremely hot for days or even weeks. A/C is an essential way to keep your home cool but it is not the most cost effective way. QuietCool to the rescue! Yes, QuietCools are great to use in addition to A/C on hot days but they are also great to use throughout the night and early mornings, substituting it for your A/C. Running your QuietCool fan throughout the night, will allow for that stored heat to escape at a more cost effective way than your A/C and a faster way than having no A/C and using just open windows at night.

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