How to get the correct CFM measurement

How important a correct CFM sizing is?

One of the most frequently asked questions we get about Whole House Fans is, how do you know what size fan you need? Cubic feet of air per minute or CFM is the amount of cubic feet of air per minute the fan moves. In order to determine the appropriate fan size for your home, we use a general formula based off the square footage of the home along with a set CFM. It’s important to have the correct size fan so that adequate air flow will push through the home And cover the entirety of the house.

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Sizing Chart Formula

We use a standard formula to appropriately size the correct fan system for your home. Every 1 square foot is multiplied by 2.5-3.0 CFM. 2.5 CFM would provide a good system and 3 CFM would provide a more powerful system. Depending on your existing ventilation will also help us determine if your home can tolerate a more powerful system. To calculate how much CFM you need in your home, we have provided a CFM calculator for your convenience.

Sizing Considerations

In the process of achieving the correct size fan for your home, there are some other factors to consider when determining whether you should go with an adequately powerful system or an immensely powerful system. Depending on the location of your home and the climate, will help narrow your decision as to how much CFM is recommended. In climates that are typically cooler throughout the day and night, for example coastal regions, will benefit with the standard and minimum 2.5 CFM system per square foot. Regions that are in the valleys and low desserts, where temperatures tend to run higher, going with a more powerful system of 3 CFM per square foot would be recommended.

Zoned And Central

Once the amount of airflow needed for your home is established, it’s time to select a fan system. We offer 2 types of models. The Stealth Pro is a Superior system and Trident Pro, an advanced system. Both fans are an installer-exclusive product and can only be purchased directly through a manufacturer's authorized dealer.

Stealth Pro Series - Zoned cooling and Manufactured with the Energy Saving ECM Motor, these fans provided substantial energy cost savings by using less power to run.

Trident Pro Series -Zoned cooling, the Trident Pro is QuietCool with variable speed settings and providing cool and comfortable temperatures.

Central (Single-Fan) System

When our technicians arrive, they will spot out a location within the home that will best suit the benefits of the whole house fan. Typically, this is located most central to the home, as the name applies. A single system may be placed at the midpoint of a single-story home or at the top of the stairs in a two-story home.

Zoned (Multi-Fan) System

Multi-fan systems can also be an option instead of a single fan. With a multi-fan system, the homeowner has maximum control over their ventilation and cooling needs. Instead of using one powerful CFM single fan for the home, multi-fan systems are typically lower in CFM but together make a powerful system, cooling central to the home and individual rooms throughout the home, depending on the placement of the fan. Together, they are all zoned and can be turned on simultaneously. Multi-fans provided more specific airflow control in your home.

CFM Calculator

Provide your home size in square feet, and select a System Type below to calculate the total CFM needed.

The Calculated Value is the CFM you need for your selected System Type.

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