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QuietCool offers a range of accessories to further enhance the performance of your installed QuietCool products. Wireless handheld remote controls are available for full operation of your fan, from timer adjustments, all speed variations, and standard on/off controls. Purchasing an additional handheld remote enables you to control one fan with multiple handheld remotes, having the same functions as one. ZAP which stands for Zone Air Pathway, allows for any room to get cooling and comfortability of QuietCool while keeping privacy in individual bedrooms. Vertical Wall Adapters can be used for special cases where a QuietCool needs to be installed on a wall instead of a ceiling. Learn more about all accessories offer below and or call us for questions.

QuietCool RF Control Kit Temecula


Accessibility and convenience is key when it comes to new and improved technology. Wireless remote control kits are the perfect way to control your whole house fan with the flick of a switch from the comfort of just about anywhere in your home. The wireless remotes can be used up to 100 feet away and can pair up to 20 remotes per one fan. Wireless RF Controls eliminate hard-wired switches and no more down the wall wiring.

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Smart Attic Fan Control (Bluetooth)

Our Smart Control App is bluetooth controlled allowing you to control your attic fan from anywhere within your home. This App features current attic temperatures/humidity in your attic so that you know exactly when to have your fan running. The app also has a two orthree-speed auto-adjustment based on temperature so your fan is never working harder than it has to.

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QuietCool Bluetooth Control Temecula

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QuietCool Thermostat Installer in Temecula

Quiet Cool Thermostat

With our energy-efficient QuietCool Pro Attic fans comes a programmable thermostat to monitor rising temperatures in your attic. Once temperatures reach the desired setting, the fan will automatically turn on and begin to cool the attic. Since the Pro series attic fans are very energy efficient, these fans can run all day and night by selecting the pre-selected thermostat.

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Zone Air Pathway (ZAP)

This innovative pathway allows any room to get the cooling and comfortability of QuietCool while keeping your privacy. Installed above any bedroom door and fitted with baffle technology that reduces sound and ensures privacy through the vent makes these a necessity in single system homes. They work simply as a conduit for the air to travel through as your QuietCool Whole House Fan still pulls air out of your open window it simply passes through the ZAP before ascending into the attic! If you want privacy AND cooling, get a ZAP installed above your bedroom door today!

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QuietCool Zone Air Pathway In Temecula
QuietCool Zone Vertical Wall Adapter In Temecula 2

Vertical Wall Adapters

Don’t have a conventional attic space above your living area? Utilize a Vertical Adapter and cool your home with a side attic. These adapters were created as some homes do not have attics above their living area. Some homes throughout the country have a side attic against their wall and only enough attic space for our Whole House Fans in this area. When this is the case, these homes can use a Vertical Adapter so our R5 Damper Doors can still operate successfully while offering the entire home cooling and comfort

Models of the Vertical Wall Adapter

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Benefits to enjoy with our whole house fans

QuietCool Whole House Fan Installer Temecula 8

Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency

In the continuous efforts of creating new innovative ways of energy efficiency, our high efficiency motors have achieved not only a decrease in energy usage and savings but also contributes to the benefit of the environment.

QuietCool Whole House Fan Installer Temecula 3

Safer Air

Safer Air

The air quality within your home is important. Ensuring increased ventilation by using outdoor air, can help decrease indoor airborne pathogens and other elements such as cat/dog dander and dust that might settle within the home.

QuietCool Whole House Fan Installer Temecula 9

Energy Savings

Energy Savings

On average, our products use up to 90% less power then A/C, slashing A/C related costs down and consuming little power to run compared to your A/C.

QuietCool Whole House Fan Installer Temecula 7

Constant Comfort

Constant Comfort

Whether you want to use the whole fans to pre-cool your home in addition to A/C or use it solely, these fans provide comfortable temperatures in the comfort of your own home by just the flick of a switch.

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