Solar Installation Riverside County, CA

 Southern California Solar Installation Services in Riverside

Southern California Solar Installation Services by Direct Electric Company

The benefits of going solar are endless, but the economic and environmental benefits are undeniable.  Direct Electric Company can help you with your Southern California Solar Installation!

Energy Independence through Solar Power in Riverside County, CA

Utility bills can be astronomical in Riverside County CA, and offer no return. By installing a solar array, you can control your home or business’ independence on traditional energy companies. Furthermore, the utility rate reduction and utility bill reduction are immediate.  Depending on the size of the solar array installed, you could be running on 100% renewable and independent energy!  It’s time to completely eliminate the need for traditional energy and insulate yourself from impending energy cost increases.

Unbeatable Return on Investment in Riverside County, CA

Going solar in Riverside County, CA is a smart investment, and also gives back right away.  Not only does it increase the value of your home or business, the investment usually pays for itself in 4-7 years.  Yes, the ROI on solar can be as low as 4 years!  There are also immediate Edison and solar tax incentives to take advantage of Clean Power Finance offers financing options that make the initial installation widely manageable for our clients.

Environmental Benefits with Solar Power in Riverside County, CA

Clean Power Finance is proud to offer a product to business and homeowners which will also contribute to a lighter carbon footprint.  Renewable energy systems like solar panels offset the need for methane-producing power plants.  Finally, when your Southern California Solar Installation is complete it’s a sizable and measurable contribution to the green initiative, and one to be proud of.

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