Choosing the Best Whole House Fan

What’s the Best Whole House Fan on the Market?

Long story short, the best whole house fan is a Quiet Cool system, but we wouldn’t just make that claim without backing it up.  There are some key features of the Quiet Cool system that set it apart from the competition and make it the best whole house fan. Our fans were designed to address the drawbacks and flaws of regular fans. They are quiet, powerful, efficient, and totally different than a normal fan.  We’ll get into the specifics right now, so you can see exactly what makes Quiet Cool the best whole house fan on the market.

Traditional Whole House Fans

noisy whole house fan
Known for high noise levels and insulation problems.
Regular whole house fans like the one pictured above have some pretty major drawbacks.  They are criticized for being extremely noisy and causing insulation problems during winter months. Whole house fans traditionally have industrial motors that are very loud.  In two story homes, they often wind up needing to be installed in a central location upstairs. Most “central locations upstairs” are within feet of bedrooms.  Remember, you have to use the fan for it to save you money, and the noise can make it really easy to reach for the off switch.  We know this because we get calls about replacing regular fans with QuietCool systems all the time for that reason! Regular whole house fans can also affect your home insulation, particularly in the winter.  Air tends to escape through the covers that are installed over them when not in use.  Energy experts actually suggest building an insulated box-cover to put over a traditional whole house fan during the times it is not in use.  Sound like a fun project?
A whole house fan shouldn’t need a makeshift upgrade to be effective. It should be designed to work for you hassle-free immediately after it is installed.

Quiet Cool Whole House Fan Systems
best whole house fan installation

QuietCool systems are the solution to traditional whole house fan problems.  Our fans have been given industry praise for having little to no effect on home insulation and operating at a super-low noise level.
Quiet Cool whole house fans are so quiet that visitors to your home would usually not even know it is running.  QuietCool provides many options from their Classic Series fans to the brand new Stealth Series.  You have the option of putting smaller fans in bedrooms, giving your system total versatility. Add remote control if you like. A skilled installer/electrician like CoolNaturally in So Cal can help you customize a system.
QuietCool whole house fans come with an airtight damper and grille system that seals completely. Our fans are known to have little to no effect on our homes insulation or structural integrity. Insulated ducting between the damper system and fan itself helps to ensure air sealing. There is nothing at all you need to add or build on to a Quiet Cool system. They were designed for comfort and ease of use, with your home cooling needs in mind!

QuietCool is the Best Whole House Fan on the Market

Once you know how Quiet Cool fans are different, the fact that they are the best whole house fan becomes obvious.  QuietCool is the solution to the problem with traditional whole house fans.  The only thing the two have in common is that they both move air. The traditional whole house fan was designed to do that and nothing more.  QuietCool fans were designed to do that quietly, powerfully, efficiently, and at no expense to wintertime comfort!
If you are getting ready to upgrade your home with a whole house fan, don’t compromise with a regular whole house fan.  Get the best whole house fan, the one that doesn’t come with a sacrifice to the comfort of your home.  The best whole house fan is the one that you can’t hear running, Quiet Cool!
best whole house fan installation
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See Quiet Cool fans in action during a segment featured on KCal 9 News!

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