The Perfect Pair! – Whole House & Attic Fans

As a previous customer of ours, you may already be benefiting from the many uses of a Quiet Cool whole house fan (if not, then you are spending way TOO MUCH on your air conditioning energy costs!).  But for those who currently have a whole house fan, or even those who do not, an ATTIC FAN, is a great product to add to any home (especially 2-story homes).

What is the difference between Attic Fans and Whole House Fans? Attic and whole house fans are similar, but quite different. Attic fans are used to regulate the amount of heat in your attic space, while whole house fans are used to cool your living space.  Attic fans are installed with a thermostat to turn on automatically once the attic reaches a certain temperature and are used during the extreme heat of the day to cool your attic space, while the Quiet Cool Whole house fan does it’s job when it’s cooled down outside such as in the evening or early morning hours.

Did you know that during the course of the given day your attic can he get to as much as 160°?  This will greatly impact the temperature of the living space below. If you live in a two-story home, you’ll notice when you go upstairs the temperature on the second floor is much hotter than the first floor.  Sure, you can turn on the AC, but it will be constantly working against the extreme temps in the attic space that overflows into your living space. If you use a Quiet Cool Attic fan, the temperature in your attic will be much cooler and so will your upstairs living space – As much as 4-7 degrees cooler. Isn’t that “cool”?!

So, if you ONLY had a Quiet Cool Attic fan, a cooler living space would naturally follow, but imagine using BOTH a Quiet Cool Attic fan and a Quiet Cool Whole house fan to cool your home the natural way! Attic fans work in the heat of the day to cool your attic (and upstairs!), then towards evening turn on your Quiet Cool Whole House fan when the temperature cools down in the evening and morning hours to cool and ventilate your ENTIRE home!  Quiet Cool ATTIC FANS and WHOLE HOUSE FANS work great independently, but work together EVEN better!

Call John at Direct Electric Company today to find out more information or to get a FREE quote on a Quiet Cool Attic fan or Whole House fan or Both!


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