HERO financing in Riverside County – Save Green & Go Green!

We know that Quiet Cool whole house fans are an investment.  They’re not nearly the cost of other “efficiency” upgrades, but nonetheless, it’s an investment you’ll want a return on.  That’s why we’re really excited about the HERO program in Riverside County, CA.  We’re fortunate enough to be serving the only county in California with HERO financing opportunities.

HERO financing in Riverside County Save Green Go Green

What’s HERO All About?

HERO stands for “home energy renovation opportunity,” and we couldn’t agree with the acronym more.  In short, HERO is a public/private partnership that allows homeowners to make energy-efficient renovations that are then assessed against their property. Let’s look at some of the fine details:

  • Available to homeowners with 10% equity.
  • Tens of thousands of qualifying products. (including Quiet Cool fans!)
  • Payable over a 10-20 year period.
  • Loan transfers with property ownership (it’s like your property get’s the loan.)
  • A win win win situation (local economy wins, home owner wins, environment wins!)
  • Instant approval via a qualified HERO contractor.

The big picture benefit of HERO is that it creates an immediate return on investment.  You get to make energy-saving improvements to your home without shelling out the total cost of the upgrades up front.  The “return” on a HERO home improvement takes many forms.

HERO – Return on Investment


HERO renovations are meant to reduce the consumption of electricity.  This means a lower electric bill every month.  For many homeowners, that can be a huge deal.  Especially if your home has older less efficient appliances, or isn’t well insulated.  The extra money in your pocket is the most straight-forward benefit.


If enough homes are retrofitted with modern efficient appliances, the country and the planet become more sustainable.  Coal fired power plants and other sources of fossil fuel power are the means with which the world keeps its lights on.  The environmental effects may not be as direct, but they are just as important.


HERO has already funded over 60 Million dollars worth of energy efficient improvements in Riverside county.  That’s money that put’s out of work tradesman back on the job.  The money saved and the funding money both go towards the local Riverside County economy.

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