QC STL-4.8 Quiet Cool’s Newest Fan

The QC STL-4.8 B

The QC STL-4.8 is a installer exclusive Quiet Cool whole house fan. This fan comes complete with a 15 year manufacturer warranty. Why such a long warranty you ask because we firmly stand behind our installers in the products that they install. In most cases the industry standard for whole house fans as 1 to 3 years. But we know when this whole house fan is properly installed and cared for it can last upwards of 15 years. This amazing new whole house fan the is the largest of the stealth class. It has three speeds and Carries the highest efficiency ECM a motor. This fans could be used but in any large area where you need a lot of air moved quick. Not always the system very effective but it’s also whisper quiet.  When running on its highest setting it can move 4816 CFM and if the sound level of or teeth only 49 decibels. It comes equipped with an 18 inch fan and the grill is 16 by 28. It will fit most standard spacing.  Included in the QC STL-4.8 is it’s insulated an acoustically lined flex duct, it’s this ducting system that dramatically reduces the sound caused by the fan been on. When running on its lowest setting this amazing whole house fan can move a whopping 2058 CFM while using only 41 watts of energy. That is an amazing amount of air to be moved at the energy expense of of of 40 W light bulb.The stealth lineup whole house fans uses the same state of the art technology that is featured in the energy saver lines. These patent pending motors are what drives the fans and gives them such an amazing ability to move air with such little energy usage. Another great feature of the quiet cool line of whole house fans is they are all made here in America. State of the art technology and built right here in america? What are you waiting for! Going greet never felt so cool.

You can check out the QC STL-4.8 specs here QC STL 4.8 B


The Cool Naturally Difference

The Quiet Cool STL-4.8 is an amazing fan that can only be purchased through authorized installers. If you are located in Southern California then we here at Cool Naturally are ready to serve you. Getting a whole house fan is your first step to energy independence. Quiet Cool Whole house fans have been known to slash electric bills by as much as 50% to 90% (depending on usage). We’ve installed whole house fans for over the past seven years. You’d be hard pressed to find a more experienced QuietCool dealer. We maintain an A+ rating with the better business bureau  and have that have plenty of positive reviews on Home advisor and Angie’s List.We take pride in every whole house fan that we install .We’re very proud and excited to be part of something as innovative as QuietCool. We always strive to give 100% customer service and satisfaction. We can give you accurate sizing and pricing directly over the phone. We also promise that our installation will be conducted and a professional manner with attention to detail and extra attention to cleanliness. Our packages come with the installation the fan the switch the timer and the tax. Contact us today at (951) 239-4252stealth_b_4

The Trident Line of Whole House Fans

Similar to the Stealth B Series we carry the Trident line of whole house fans. The Trident Line comes from our rich background of QuietCool whole house fans. That Trident line can replace the air in your house 15 to 20 times per hour.  Using are the innovative and patented acoustical ducted system is what makes the trident lined better than all the rest. the duct system separates the fan motor head from the ceiling intake grill. Which is what gives this fan that whisper quiet effect.This fan also comes equipped with the damper system that closes when fan is not in use this reduces the amount of back-flow into the house. The Trident line also comes with a 15 year manufacturers warranty and also like the stealth series this line is only available through authorized dealers. Start cooling your home now for only pennies and hour and contact us today.

Financing Available

Are you excited about whole house fan products. But maybe don’t wanna come out of pocket, then we have the solution for you. If you’re located in southwest Riverside County your in luck. The hero program is a great way to start saving money and start saving energy. With a great about the hero program is you’re not just limited to a whole house fans. You can use the hero program for many different energy saving options. When approved for the hero financing program you don’t even have to come out of pocket ever. You make payments with your property taxes and the payments are always low and fixed.Applying for residential Riverside County HERO Program is quick and simple. You will need to provide:
  • Property address
  • Full names of all property owners
  • Social security numbers and dates of birth of all property owners
  • Your contact information
  • Your signature agreeing to all terms and conditions
If you’re interested in getting financing through a hero program we would love to speak with you we have helped many people get approved that originally thought they would not be approved. It’s a lot easier than you would think. Not you will get to make your home more energy efficient without coming out of pocket. The best part about hero financing after the installation you may be eligible for federal and state tax credits and incentives. So stop waiting around and contact us today.Feel free to check out our hero program here to see what services you might be interested in.  To check out our full line of services you can see our Electrical services OR our solar installing services by clicking on the appropriate links.We also offer financing through Aqua Finance if you are outside of Southwest Riverside county if you are interested in getting financing thru aqua finance give us a call @ (951) 239-4252 or contact us

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