Quiet Cool Whole House Fan Install Oceanside

Quiet Cool Whole House Fan Install Oceanside

Quiet Cool Whole House Fan Oceanside CA

Quiet Cool Whole House Fan Install Oceanside

2013 has officially become the summer of going green. Oceanside residents Find themselves a unique position to virtually eliminate all use of their air conditioning. Living in Oceanside is a luxury having the beach so close and being within driving distance of downtown San Diego is simply wonderful. Because of Oceanside’s temperate climate throughout the year of many of our QuietCool Whole House Fan install Oceanside customers have realized that they can almost eliminate all use of air conditioning. Because temperatures sit around 72° a majority of the year you can go without standard air conditioning units. By reducing your AC usage, not only are you saving money on your monthly energy bill but you are also doing your part for the environment. Most of the electricity that is generated for your Oceanside home is generated through oil and coal which are not friendly to the environment. For many years Oceanside’s energy came from the San Onofre Nuclear power plant. As of June 11, 2013, Edison has stated that the nuclear power plant will not be reopened and will be decommissioned. Edison also warned that because of the shutdown, Oceanside residents will see a significant increase in their monthly energy bills. A federal study conducted estimates that the price of power will go up 59% over the year for all of San Diego including Oceanside residents

How a Quiet Cool Whole House Fan Install Oceanside Can Help

A whole house fan from Quiet Cool can easily reduce your energy usage. Cool Naturally has been helping customers in San Diego County choose the right green cooling solution for their homes for over 10 years. A whole house fan is the most cost effective way to cool your home. On average our Quiet Cool whole house fans consume 1/10th of what normal HVAC systems use. Another great benefit of using Cool Naturally for your Quiet Cool Whole House Fan Install Oceanside is both our service and the fans themselves are remarkably low-priced. Contact your Quiet Cool whole house fan expert today for a free estimate on which system will best fit your home. As a preferred vendor of Quiet Cool fans, we also carry fans that are not available anywhere else. Be sure to ask your representative about our Trident and Stealth series of Quiet Cool whole house fans. Quiet Cool Whole House fan Install Oceanside

What is a Whole House Fan?

Whole house fans are not a new concept. Whole house fans have been used in many different applications for close to 70 years. Many homes in the southern states had whole house fans installed back in the early 50’s. Whole house fans were disfavored because of their noise levels when in service. That is until QuietCool came along. Since 2003, Quiet Cool has been providing consumers it’s classic line of Quiet Cool whole house fans. The classic series from Quiet Cool was the first whole house fan to be considered whisper quiet and, not to mention, a serious game changer when it came to green cooling. Now customers can save money on their monthly a/c bills by running our line of fans.   Whole house fans are not meant to run alongside your a/c unit. Whole house fans are used as your primary cooling source when the weather outside is cooler than the living space of your home. Whole house fans are best used in the early evenings through the night and into the early morning. Quiet Cool fans are quite easy to use. Simply open a few windows and flip the switch and your fan will whirl to life. Our patented line of whole house fans can replace the air in your house is many as 10 times per hour. Our line of fans are by far the best way to ventilate your home.


But depending on the size of your home can place fans are too many different areas. For ultimate zone control, placing a fan in each room and one of our larger fans in the main living areas will give you maximum cooling. One of the most frequent places that people install whole house fans is in your hallway ceiling. Many of our products come with Barometric dampers that stay closed and keep the air in when not in use. Whole house fans are also effective at keeping your attic space cool, which can reach temperatures above 150° F even if your ceilings are well insulated. If you live in a 2 story home and it’s much warmer on your second floor consistently, it may be time for an attic fan. once you have a Quiet Cool whole house fan install Oceanside performed you will see a tremendous difference in temperature and quality air and energy savings.


If you feel like it’s time to insulate your Attic, Cool Naturally can help you with that.We’re licensed bonded and insured general contractors extensive knowledge in both construction and electrical industry. We’ve successfully helped many homeowners install radiant attic barriers they can reduce the overall temperature in your attic. Installing radiant attic barriers are a great way to also reduce the cost of your energy bill.


What Is The Quiet Cool Whole House Fan Install Oceanside Process


Once you have made the choice to go green with your cooling the process is quite easy. You can call us to discuss what type of fan works best for you. We will ask you a few questions including the size of your home and your availability. You can also price check Quiet Cool Fans here. Once we have made the proper selection for your Quiet Cool Whole House Fan Install Oceanside. We will pick a day and a time that is most convenient for you. After that, we will arrive at the predetermined time and begin our install.

The installation process is a breeze. We in most cases have the install done in a few short hours. We will also give you a brief tutorial on how to properly run your fans. As soon as we power on the fans you will notice a 5-10 degree drop in temperature in your home. Our Quiet Cool Whole House Fan Install Oceanside comes with a manufacturer 15-year warranty. All Quiet Cool fans are proudly made in The U.S.A. All fans are made on location at our Temecula plant. When it comes time to “Go Green”, go with the pro’s at Cool Naturally, not just some amateurs.




quiet cool whole house fan install oceanside



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