Radiant Attic Barriers

Radiant Attic Barriers

What are radiant attic barriers?

Radiant attic barriers are reflective material that is used to line the inside of roofs and spaces that are under intense sunlight. The purpose of the barrier is to reflect the sun’s radiant heat, keeping objects/surfaces in the attic cooler. Radiant Barrier material is specially designed to radiate heat outward, and keeps heat from being absorbed into living spaces.

Radiant barriers have proven effective for many homes in the southwest US with intense desert sunlight during the summer – climates similar to Temecula and Murrieta. Your Radiant Barrier will lessen peak loads on your central air conditioner, and keep any ductwork near the attic cooler. When your a/c runs efficiently – you see the difference in your electric bill!

When a radiant barrier is installed between the roof and insulation on the attic floor, the barrier reflects this heat back towards the roof. Radiant barriers are designed with “low emmisivity” on the under side – meaning the side of the barrier facing your living areas stays cool and very little heat is emitted downwards.A radiant barrier reduces the amount of heat that is transferred through attic insulation, framing, ductwork, and other structures to the living spaces below the attic. They help regulate your home’s temperature and help you run energy-hungry appliances more efficiently.

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